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When to use an Essence Ring

Essence has found the best solution to the smelly problems of households, workplaces, hospitals, and more. Now, you no longer have to bear foul/unpleasant smells in your houses or keep asking for the air fresheners in your office. In fact, with Essence rings, you can find the best solution to counter the irritating smells around you.


Even the toughest smells can't find their way into your house once you have the essence ring. It is purely made of silicon and absorbs much of the essential oil when you leave it soaking in the oil pouch for a few hours.

So, are you lacking a peaceful working environment? Perhaps, you might be experiencing a sudden influx of hideous smells in your house because the neighbors are having work done. All in all, Essence rings are one-size-fits-all and work wonders whenever you want to feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. 

What are Essence Rings?

Do you know that aromatherapy, an alternative medicine option, uses essential oils as the primary source of treatment for peace of mind, better body health, and other healing factors?  Well, Essence uses these essential oils to help you relax.

The nasal diffuser rings are silicon-made and incredibly compact. They can easily attach to your nostrils and let you take in the aroma of your favorite essential oil. How is that? Well, nasal diffuser rings from Essence come with their specialty essential oil blends that serve to be relaxing, soothing, calming, stress-free, and anti-allergic.

Place these Essence rings in the essential oil pouches/compartments they arrive in. Soak them for 4 hours and then gently place them under your nose. 

What's amazing is that they are compact, so there is little to no chance of them falling off. Further, they come with ease-of-cleaning because all you require is soap-water! The rings are reusable up to 30 times and don’t hurt to wear in the nose for long hours of the day or night.

When to Use the Nasal Diffuser Rings of Essence?

Whether it is nursing in the hospital, working in an office, building at a construction site, or studying at home, obnoxious smells can always find their way. However, Essence offers the best remedy in such cases with its amazing nasal diffuser silicon ring.

Each of the powerful essential oil blends from Essence serves purposes such as energy, focus, relaxation, study, stress relief, allergy relief, and so on. You can choose the essential oil according to your need or the aroma you like.


The nasal diffuser rings can take in the aroma of almost any of your favorite essential oils. What's best is that it only takes one to three drops of the essential oil to soak the ring for at least 4 hours. Then, you can use the ring for up to a few hours peacefully.

Are you ready to enjoy the calming smells around you without disturbing your fellow workers or house occupants? Well, contact Essence today at 435-256-2642 to order the pack of your desired essential oil. We offer a variety of oils and blends. Visit our official website to learn more.

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