Who Is Essence?

Essence was created and is manufactured in the USA. What started as a casual dinner conversation has now turned into a tangible product that helps people everywhere enjoy pleasant smells while providing amazing health benefits. This small, discreet product is made of medical grade material that is flexible and can be infused with 100% Essential Oils. It is one size fits all!

As we move about the world around us, we encounter all sorts of smells - good and bad. Whether at work, at home, on public transit, flying on an airplane, or really anywhere we go smell is one of our most acute senses, affecting our mood even in the smallest way. People everyday encounter obnoxious odors which effect stress levels, make us gag, and even make our stomachs turn. Conversely, pleasant scents can bring us back feelings of nostalgia like memories of a loved one or a favorite time or place.

The Essence Nose Diffuser allows you the chance to control what you smell each day. Anywhere you go - work, play, or relaxing - use this product to make your experience more enjoyable.

The Essence Nose Ring is discrete and portable. It works great in small public areas like a subway, train, bus, or airplane. The lavender scented ring helps calm nerves in the dentist chair or at the hospital. It also helps one obtain more restful sleep when used at night.

Workers in hospitals, dentist offices, construction sites, spas, and even athletes are using this compact device to help cover up stinky smells around them or simply bringing the pleasure of a custom scent to their environment. We invite you to try Essence for yourself. Go ahead, order one now for you and/or a friend who might benefit from using this product. Maybe you have a friend that has a weak stomach around bad smells like changing their baby's diapers or diaper changes at work.

Join the tens of thousands who have bettered their lives by using this product. We promise you will not regret it!

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