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Who we are

Who Is Essence?

At Essence we have a shared goal to help others live happier, healthier lives each and every day. We began with a simple thought, what if we could utilize the benefits of essential oils at any time of day. Using essential oils is a common practice but being able to discreetly use them at work, on the go and whenever you need, was an issue we wanted to solve. With Essence, we have. Essence is a high grade silicone nose ring infused with quality essential oils. We designed them specifically to sit comfortably at the base of your nose, almost completely out of view.

The Essence ring is available in a wide array of scents and can be reused up to 30 times by infusing the ring with just a small amount of additional oil. Essence was created and is manufactured in the USA. It is currently being used in hospitals, dentist offices, medical spas, day spas, and hotel chains to provide clients and guests a unique and relaxing experience. Consumers love the variety of available scents as well as a blank option that allows the user to scent the ring themselves with their own favorite oils. We also offer bottles of 100% grade essential oil, soaking pods and travel cases.

As we move about the world around us, we encounter all sorts of smells - good and bad. Whether at work, at home, on public transit, flying on an airplane, or really anywhere we go smell is one of our most acute senses, affecting our mood even in the smallest way. People everyday encounter obnoxious odors which effect stress levels, make us gag, and even make our stomachs turn. Conversely, pleasant scents can bring us back feelings of nostalgia like memories of a loved one or a favorite time or place.

The Essence Nose Diffuser allows you the chance to control what you smell each day. Anywhere you go - work, play, or relaxing - use this product to make your experience more enjoyable.

Our mission is to uplift your soul, spirit, and life to improve the way you experience each day. Whether it's to help you sleep, clear your mind, or simply to reap the benefits of essential oils wherever you go, Essence has the solution for you.

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