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Pam Ringenbach
I’m in love

These little things are absolutely amazing !!!
I am ordering for everyone! My daughter is a nurse and has to wear a mask all day she is going to love this!!! Buy the peppermint, you won’t regret it!!!

Charles Monk

Really love your product.
FYI: I have large features. This includes nostrils and the ring barely reaches around. This means it fall out (often) without my notice. Averaging only two uses per ring.

Kimberly Smith
Don't leave home without it!!!

These are awesome! I was skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. Now, I'm in love and back for more! They are very small and can barely feel it and after a few minutes you forget its there. At first, I was afraid it would fall off and I'd lose it but I've worn it for hours on several occasions and that hasn't been an issue at all.
The allergy blend has helped me immensely lately! I use oils for everything and I'm still amazed at how well the allergy blend has worked! I also made one with my own blend for my migraines. It is wonderful!! I don't go anywhere without these now!

Laurie Lamothe

They are really nice to wear inside a mask we have to wear all day.

Ashley Hodges

Not as strong as I would have liked, but I still liked it!

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