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Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Vosbury

Love this product

Jamie Zerbe
Kinda helped my allergies

I work with a lot of dust and animal hair so even with my allergy pill I need something extra. I like to wear this under my mask and I feel like it does help. I'm not a big fan of the scent but I knew I wouldn't be with the basil. But not a big deal if it actually helps. I'm kinda bummed the strong scent doesnt last very long in its storage bag. The other ones I bought i can just add my own oils but this ones a blend so that would be harder. I wouldn't mind buying the blend separately and buying "blank" nose rings and adding my own scent. Cause i love the nose rings. Its a great product and idea.

Carolina Urista
Breathing clear

I suffer from allergies whenever the weather changes; it takes some time but within a few hours my sinuses are clear

Anjelica Mojica
Helped clear my sinuses!

It helped clear my sinuses and helped with breathing

Beauty From Within Spa Schaumburg, Il
Allergy Relief

Amazing smell!!

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