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Nancy Alaniz

Custom Blends 5 Pack Bundle

Stephanie Boos
Haven’t got package yet

USPS has it still, haven’t tired them yet

Nina Sherlock

I am pleased that these will help me when I start working as a CNA. However these are very strong smelling so I can only handle wearing them for so long. Although, I will definitely order more!

Angela Holder

I have tried 4 of them including a sample one sent. I love them.

Christie Q
Strong initially, but diminishes

I love these. The concept of it is great especially when having to wear a mask all day long. When I first tried out the Energy scent, it was so strong and kind of burned my nose. I got used to it after a while and got a nice consistent scent throughout the day. I will say that I felt like every now and then, I had a booger in my nose, but it was just the ring haha. I wore it for 8 hours and under my nose was actually quite dry, but the dryness went away. So maybe put some vaseline under your nose. I put the ring in the next day and the smell had diminished A LOT. I know they said you can put essential oils in the pack for the ring to absorb, but I was hoping it would stay strong for the 30 uses it says.

Thanks for you review and feedback. The initial sent on the ring is really only good for the first use, after which you will have to re scent the ring with more essential oils.

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