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Work Smells

Your office or workspace ends up being like your second home but there are a lot of things you can’t control like smells and other unpleasant olfactory issues. Lighting candles, waving incense, and spraying aerosol air fresheners can quickly upset your co-workers. Luckily, there’s a solution that’s discreet and extremely effective!

Hospital Work

Being around other people and the constant stream of new smells can quickly become overwhelming. Introducing your workspace to the invisible Hone nasal diffuser is a great way to keep the smells at bay! The diffusers from the company are simple and discreet and are easy to hide around the office or your workspace.

With all of the strong chemical odors that you might encounter at your hospital job can be hard to cut through with ordinary diffusers of air fresheners. Hone uses strong essential oils that create a pleasant aroma without being overpowering throughout the day.


Everyone loves being around kids but all of those bodies can leave the room smelling dank. No one needs to feel embarrassed when using the Hone diffusers. Since they create a low-profile, you’ll be able to use the diffusers to let off the steam of the room without creating a fuss.

Construction Crews

Being out in the hot sun all day is sure to build up some sweat and mustiness. To get rid of all that without showering every 10 minutes takes a strong but not overpowering diffuser like the ones from Hone. Your stinky shoes sitting in the truck, clothes that have been stuffed in a bag, and even your sweaty hat will be refreshed with just a few minutes in the Hone halo!

Trade Workers

Whatever your trade, you’re bound to end up feeling and smelling a bit overwhelming. Rather than opt for chemical air fresheners that will just brighten for a moment before dissipating, invisible diffusers from Hone will keep the air smelling good and help infuse the entire area with plenty of great aromas. Replace the strong odors from a long day with the refreshing smells that come from the invisible diffuser.

Everyday Life

Ripe smells find their way into everyday lives in a hurry. The trash that hasn’t been taken out yet, sweaty shoes from a run, or even the pets that populate your home can bring your home from a sweet oasis to a stinky mess. Investing in some invisible diffusers and quality essential oils from Hone will have you smelling sweet things in no time!


Creating a great space in your home, car, or workspace can be difficult, and often the smells that populate the area are overlooked. This can quickly become the case if you're dealing with a workspace and other employees. Instead of spraying air fresheners around the room as soon as a sharp smell comes your way, the invisible diffusers allow you to discreetly change the air in the room without embarrassing your co-workers.

Choose from several different essential oils to find a mix that works for you and your office! Check out Hone to pick out an invisible diffuser for your office or workspace at 435-256-2642.

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