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Why Essential Oils Love Us

Essential oils come from hydrophobic plants that do not easily mix well into water or some other aqueous solutions. The word “essential” derives from the quality and feature “essence” of the oil that represents the natural fragrance and qualities of a flower.

An essential oil might come from single or multiple sources of plants/ flowers. They often form blends with others such as spearmint, lemon-mint, etc. However, there are wide varieties, and the uses are extensive. But what makes us, Hone, a favorite of the essential oils? Keep on reading to learn more.

Uses and Benefits of Essential Oils


Alternative medicines have been under research and usage purposes since ancient times. Controlling allergy, stress reduction, calming moods, and soothing the body are just some of the many benefits why majority of people opt for essential oils.

Aromatherapy is an intervention alternative medicine therapy that makes use of diffusers to inhale essential oil as a form of medication for a variety of reasons. Despite it, there is not enough evidence to suggest that essential oils can prove beneficial or curable to certain conditions.

However, essential oils can help reduce the symptoms of a number of problems, as stated earlier. Controlled and circumstantial studies suggest that essential oils can help to improve sleep, anxiety levels and regulate your mood to relax and soothe your mind. There are other uses of essential oils such as food preservatives, food agents, etc.

Moreover, certain essential oils such as peppermint can help to improve the condition and relaxation of your muscles, especially when under stress due to exercise or work.

Why is Hone An All-Time Favorite of Essential Oils’ Companies?

Did you know that inhaling essential oils is the best, safest, and most effective way to intake them? There is much more room for effectiveness and efficiency in the deliverance of the antioxidant and relieving properties of the essential oils when you breathe them in.

For one, you might not always want to improve the mood, relax the muscles, reduce stress, etc. In fact, it is sometimes easier to work with your favorite and most amazing essential oil scent in times of rush, crowd, and miserable smells, right? 

Nasal Diffuser Ring Qualities and Abilities

Due to the ease and versatility, Hone’s nasal diffuser ring is one of the best tools to inhale essential oils. Easy to place under the nose and easy to remove, the Hone nasal diffuser rings are highly subtle and effective to use essential oils.

You can use a nasal diffuser ring up to 30 times without any problems. You can easily clean these nasal diffuser rings with soap and water. Besides, you can add only 1 to 3 drops of essential oils and then let them soak inside a small portable pouch for at least 4 hours. It will let you enjoy the mesmerizing aromas anywhere, from your office to a construction site and your bedroom.


The nasal diffuser rings from Hone work with almost any essential oil and delivers an outburst of calming and soothing fragrances. You can contact Hone at 435-256-2642 to inquire further and gain more info from our official website.

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