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We Make Life Smell…Better!

So many of our daily activities are plagued by bad or unpleasant smells and there seems to be little you can do about it. If you’re stuck behind a mask or standing on public transportation, it’s not very practical let alone polite to pull out a bottle of air freshener!

Instead of relying on your trusty air freshener bottle, you can get the multi-faceted benefits of essential oils in a discrete nasal diffuser from Hone! Each Hone nasal diffuser is easy to use and remains subtle throughout the day so you can use it wherever you go so you'll receive the benefits of your essential oils when you need them.

Hone Nasal Diffuser Meets Life

Beyond keeping unwanted smells out of your space, a nasal diffuser full of essential oils offers a lot of excellent benefits! Each scent and oil are different and can be paired with different activities in your life to help you function more efficiently. Not only will you feel the effects of essential oils through the nasal diffuser, but you'll also find life smells better too!


Yoga may not strike you as a place where the smells of life can get out of hand but with a classroom full of people it can get ripe! Using a nasal diffuser during a yoga session or class is a great way to downplay the smell and boost your system as well.

Some of the most popular oils and scents used during yoga are cedarwood for grounding, rosemary and basil to promote breathing, and orange to invigorate the senses. As the nasal diffuser is close to your nose, you’ll also be breathing in the sweet essential oil smells instead of the scent of life around you!


We’re all wearing masks these days, but they can quickly capture the smell of life and circulate it into your nose over and over. Using a Hone nasal diffuser gives you an added boost from your favorite essential oils and also covers up you’re not-so-Zen mask smell!

Instead of spritzing the mask itself and being stuck with a possibly potent essential oil scent all day, using the Hone diffuser gives you the option of removing it if the scent becomes too strong. You can also swap out scents throughout the day without needing to wash and dry your favorite mask in the process.

The Office

If you’re stuck in the office all day or your work from home set-up, you aren’t always in control of the scent-scape around you. Using a Hone nasal diffuser is an excellent way to boost your system with quality essential oils and escape those unwanted smells without offending anyone!


No matter what activity you take part in or where you are in life, you’re bound to get hit with some smells that are less than pleasant. When those scents and scenarios come at you, an all-natural solution in the form of essential oils can do just the trick. But it’s not socially acceptable to begin dousing the train and your fellow passengers on your morning commute so instead turn to a personal nasal diffuser! You’ll be able to get all of the benefits of essential oils and keep those pesky smells of life at bay!

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