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Spring Cleaning with Honé!

Ah, spring. It is time for the flowers to bloom, birds to hatch, and time for you to tackle the smelly process of cleaning your home. Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual that can be a massive headache, especially if it is the only time that you can really get into scrubbing your house from top to bottom. Unfortunately, for many, spring cleaning causes stress, allergies, and releases less-than-pleasant smells. If you are dreading this time of you, Honé may be able to help! With our innovative nasal diffusers for essential oils, you will be able to turn spring cleaning into an enjoyable experience. Read on to discover how Honé can help you in your spring cleaning endeavors.

Stress of Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is not necessarily easy. You have to get rid of all the dust and buildup that the winter months pile on. With quarantine, many homes are seeing more of a need for cleaning than ever before. But tackling the huge enterprise of cleaning your home is still necessary. Spring cleaning provides an opportunity for you to disinfect and take inventory of your home.

There is so much to clean! Honé understands the stress of spring cleaning. That is why we created our signature nasal diffusers. Essential oils help relax the body and the mind, so the stress of spring cleaning can melt away when you use a diffuser. Oils such as lavender provide relief from tension, while promoting respiratory health and enhancing circulation. You can pick from a variety of scents to pick the essential oil that is perfect for you.


Spring is also the time of allergies. Pollen is in the air again as flowers bloom, and the dust that gets kicked up by your annual spring cleaning can cause runny noses, itching, and red eyes. If a stuffy nose has got you down, you will benefit from the Allergy Relief blend of Honé nasal diffusers.

The unique blend of peppermint, basil, lemon, and eucalyptus will open up your airways and get you feeling better immediately. Your sinuses will stop feeling like a clenched fist and allow you to breathe again! If you prefer a different blend, you can try the Breathe Easy diffusers, or even design your own blend of oils.

Smelly Smells

While the plants outside may smell fresh and clean, odds are that you will be exposed to a variety of other smells while conducting your spring cleaning, and not all of them will be good. If you are dreading cleaning that one bathroom, or taking out the trash, you can just use a Honé nasal diffuser and forget about your worries! The essential oils in each ring will block out the disgusting smells you have to deal with while infusing your nostrils with a bouquet of custom scents.

The citrus scents can make you feel like you are in a peaceful orange or lemon grove, even if you are hauling bags of trash to the dumpster. A Honé nasal diffuser will be able to counteract any nasty odors that you have to deal with, making spring cleaning a pleasant experience.

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