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Our 5 Favorite Summer Blends

Here at Essence, we have played around, dreamed up potions, and created special essential oil pairings that we want to give you so you too can use our secret favorites! Shhh…

These are Our Top 5 Summer Blends to cool down your day, relax your body, and as always, make your breathing happier and healthier! These mixes are perfect for using with our Create It! diffuser ring, but they also can be used on any of our rings that you plan to reinfuse with oils!

**We don't sell any of these blends on our website, but you can use your own oils to make them!

Oils: Jasmine, Lime, and Sandalwood.

Experience: The Ocean Breeze mixture will provide the feeling of being cozy in the sand and free on the beach! Sandalwood is an oil that lends a soothing, earthy experience, while jasmine and lime warm your senses with clean, lovely smells. Kick back, put your ring in, and breathe in a seaside kind of day.

Oils: Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, and Peppermint.

Experience: Endless Summer Sun gets its title for endless citrus and warmth! Though, it’s not the kind of warmth that will make you too hot in the sun, rather, it will warm your senses and help you relax in the heat. Peppermint is known for invigorating the senses and will give your day a pick-me-up, while the other three oils act in citrus harmony to give you a beautiful trinity of fresh, uplifting smells. 

Oils: Bergamot, Rosemary, Lime, and Cedarwood.

Experience: For those who love the cool, soothing smells on a hike and the experience of being among the woods, the Summer Rainstorms blend will give your traveling, gypsy heart a companion it has been seeking! This ring offers three earthy, classic oils (bergamot, rosemary, and cedarwood) that puts your mind in the same serene space as a garden or meadow. The lime oil acts as an accent to the rest, giving a flare of freshness to complete the whole package of a perfect summer night. 

Oils: Orange, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint.

Experience: Sometimes we all want the feeling of the sun on our faces, hitting our skin and warming our soul. When we can’t have it, or when we want to spice those moments up even more, we turn to the Sunkissed blend. This blend is warming, calming, and gives way to all of the benefits that each individual oil offers. Spice up your sunny day with this blend and reap the rewards of a headache, anxiety, and stress free day.  

Oils: Lime, Spearmint, Lavender, and Grapefruit. 

Experience: The Summer Fling blend is sexy, soothing, and a one-stop-fixes-all potion! Spearmint awakens the mind and chest, letting you breathe with comfort and energy. Grapefruit and lavender swirl together harmoniously to relax your brain, body, and worries of the day. Lime is our trusty partner that accents the rest and brings the whole ring together. It is the perfect go-to choice when you need a simple, effective blend for any summer day or night.

All five blends are sure to give you a unique experience that will only make your summer more beautiful as you enjoy your way through it! Our Create It! diffuser ring is designed to let you perfect your diffuser experience––play around, have fun, and enjoy everything that wonderful essential oils have to offer us! 

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Francine Charlebois
Oct 04, 2023 at 12:05

I would love to try them all to have the sent and how your body would feel after using them

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