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Life Hacks using a Nasal Diffuser

You may have seen a nasal diffuser recently. Or the user might have been so discreet about their diffuser that you didn’t even see it! A nasal diffuser is a personal diffuser, and sometimes even a nose ring that provides a mood relaxing scent directly into your nose.


They have many uses, so we will discuss some situations where you might find a nasal diffuser very useful.



Do you work out or go to a yoga class. The classroom probably smells like a gym, more than likely because the classroom is a gym of people exerting themselves and sweating. You can fight off body odor, including your own, by putting a nasal diffuser ring into your nose, like a temporary nose ring.



Rather than having a steam diffuser in your bedroom at night, you can put soothing essential oils onto your nose diffuser and sleep better while gently inhaling the scent of lavender or your preferred scent while getting some better sleep.


On the Bus

Most buses smell like people and cleaner. These are not an ideal combination. Slip your nose diffuser on while on the bus and enjoy your preferred scent instead of the person next to you and whatever they are bringing home from work,


Public Bathrooms

It goes without saying that public bathrooms don’t always smell so peachy - or even just like bleach. Add your own scent by having a nasal diffuser ready so you don’t feel the need to rush and leave right away without taking the time to wash your hands. Don’t fear that porta potty anymore!



In addition to being around people and potentially bad smelling items or food, a nasal diffuser can calm you while in a crowd shopping. Some higher end retail stores can also drive you in with fresh scents that make you stay longer to enjoy the smell. Enjoying your own smell is one to make sure the mission you are on while shopping is complete without spending extra.


Diaper Change

The gut punch reaction when changing a pungent diaper can be very real. A pleasant, powerful scent near your nose can make for a much more pleasant diaper change experience without feeling the need to rush and get it over with.


While Cooking

Some food doesn’t smell so great while cooking, including some veggies and to some people, meat. Perhaps you don’t like garlic or another spice? Use a scented nasal diffuser and side step the cringe of some smells by providing a different one.



People working in the healthcare industry experience all sorts of smells coming from human bodies. Without going into much further detail about dealing with human scents, healthcare workers might love a nasal diffuser to protect their nose from whatever is coming their way, and we appreciate our healthcare workers.



Nasal diffusers are a great way to soothe yourself from unpleasant scents and can be used in many situations where you might otherwise be driven away or made uncomfortable by particular scents. They are also “rechargeable” and can be dipped back in their original bag and soaked in different essential oils to create a unique scent each time you try your nasal diffuser.

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