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How to Make a Face Mask Smell Better

These days, face masks are just a regular part of our everyday lives. As a result, you’re constantly wearing it which could result in it getting dirty, sweaty, and even a bit smelly.


You might not always have time to wash your masks over and over again. So, in order to keep the smell at bay until the next laundry day, try out Hone Nasal Diffuser.


What is a Nasal Diffuser?


A nasal diffuser is filled with essential oils and therefore smells good all the time. Worn around your nose, it can help make your face mask smell that much better.


This aroma ring works whether you’re jogging, sleeping, at work, or virtually any other occasion.


The diffusers come in a variety of essential oils including peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and more. In fact, you can even make your own essential oil using some of your favorite blends.


Recharging It


The best part about the nasal diffuser ring is that once the smell wears off, you can always put it back into the pouch that it came in and “recharge it.” All you have to do is add in a few drops of the essential oil, leave the ring in the package for 24 hours and voila.


Other benefits


Aside from helping make your mask smell better, the essential rings in the nasal diffuser can also help you relax, keep your allergies away, and more, depending on the type of scent that you use.


 Even better, the nasal rings are discreet so no one will know you are wearing one under your mask. This way, you can wear them at work, on public transportation, or even just at home without anyone noticing it.


If you are someone who gets nervous at the doctor, using a lavender nasal ring is the perfect way to calm you down. Spend a lot of time changing diapers? There’s a nasal diffuser for you. You can even use them while cooking when the scent of your food may be too overpowering.


With the Hone Nasal Diffuser Ring, you can always change out the essential oils, so you don’t get tired of the smells easily.


Hone History


Believe it or not, Hone began as an idea between a few friends that eventually became a reality. Nowadays, it helps millions of people and keeps away any bad smell that comes near you.


The diffuser is safe to use and is made out of medical grade material that can fit to anyone’s nose.


In Conclusion


If you are someone who is incredibly sensitive to scents, has a lot of anxiety throughout the day, or simply want to keep their face masks smell good, you will benefit greatly from a Hone Nasal Diffuser.


You’ll be amazed at how much more easy-going you are and how much more pleasant your day-to-day becomes. Essential oils are already used in just about everything, why not use them to help make your face mask smell better?

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