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How To Be Super Hero Parent With Hone

How To Be Super Hero Parent With Hone


Being a parent can be a difficult job. Not only does the job come with a lot of physical motion, but it also comes with several weird smells which can be trying to adapt to. If you are struggling to deal with some of the tough smells of parenthood, Hone was created especially for you.


Control What You Smell


Are you tired of not being able to choose what you smell? Hone can help with this as their nasal diffusers come in a number of amazing scents to choose from. Instead of smelling dirty laundry, enjoy the scents of Revive Orange from their citrus collection or Calm Lavender to help you relax during your chores. Or feel more energized with the Energy Blend or clear your nasal passages thanks to the Breathe Easy Blend. Thanks to Hone, you will no longer have to hold your breath during frequent diaper changes!


Hone even offers a non-scented diffuser, so if you don’t see the exact scent you want to enjoy, you can use your essential oils at home to create your own special blend to block your specific smells.  


Take Hone With You Wherever You Go


With Hone scented nasal diffuser, which is a nose ring, you only have to slide it in and go about your daily activities and the scent will follow you wherever you go! No need to worry about having to carry a candle and a crying child, the Hone diffuser slides in easily and stays in as you fulfill your parenting duties.


Fits In The Parenting Budget


One of the nicest things about Hone, is that it has a price point that won’t break the bank of even the most strapped for cash parents. Hone is also reusable, simply wash with soap and water, and place it back in the pouch it came with—adding a few more drops of essential oils as you do so. Leave the nasal diffuser ring in the pouch for at least four hours, or even overnight, and wake up the next day to find your diffuser ready to fight the smells in your life once again!




Not only are Hone nasal diffusers easy to use, inexpensive, and portable, but they are also discreet, so you won’t have to worry about the other parents at the playground noticing. The nasal diffusers are clear and can be fully inserted in the nose so they are barely noticeable. This means you don’t have to worry about removing Hone before you leave the house!




One of the most difficult parts of being a parent is learning to deal with, and stomach, all of the smells which come along with the job. And it can be difficult to find a solution that can be employed while changing diapers, carrying crying children, or lifting full laundry baskets. The struggle is over, make yourself into a superhero parent today with the help of Hone nasal diffuser rings, which can help you battle even the toughest smells while you attend to your parenting duties. 





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