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Jon Baugh reviewed Honé  5 star

Working in a busy emergency department doesn’t always bring with it great smells. But wearing the nearly invisible Honé ring makes even the most unpleasant experiences better. The fresh lemony-lime or the relaxing lavender has been a joy to smell and the comfort is great. Great job guys! Where was this 10 years ago?!


Nicole Hanson Houghton reviewed Honé  5 star

These are the most amazing things!!! I LOVE them!! There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane, in a car or just in line and have someone next to you smell awful� They solve all your smell problems �



Amanda Lontine reviewed Honé  5 star

Motherhood is great, stinky diapers are not. Although changing a diaper won’t ever be a pleasant experience, at least it’s not a smelly one anymore. I think all new parents should get nose diffusers. It is an excellent alternative to a gas mask. Happy diaper changing!



Brent Worthington reviewed Honé  5 star

This is a brilliant concept!!! Whether your changing the cat litter box, sweating into the oldies at the gym or sitting in the office at work this sent is so refreshing you’ll want to use this product all day and everyday!




Todd Houghton  recommends Honé.

My good friend has invented a very multi-industry needed product. 
I’ve watch along the path as he discovered and filled this need, often times being used as a tester and reviewer.

I’ve used Honé in many applications and give it a 5/5 rating. 
On walks to clear the mind, at the office to enjoy a simple smell, on short and long plane rides, in buses and crowded environments, and even while fighting the common cold/sinus gumbo; (and more)
In each of those instances, the Honé ring and different scents offered within performed flawless covering up those smells I’m around, or helping me feel better thru obvious aroma therapy.

I’m going to recommend it to anyone and everyone to try. Business and/or personal, I’m positive you’ll find the same that I have.























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Dec 21, 2020 at 17:33

I’ve been buying a bunch of stuff to help w/anxiety and these are amazing!! They don’t bug your nose and you can have calming scents to help you chill or invigorating scents to help you snap out of it. 10/10

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