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Essence Use Case: Nursing

Working through the day can become tiresome and stressful due to a handful of reasons such as type of job, the environment, workload, responsibilities, etc. We encounter situations and conditions that demand consistency no matter the stress and tiredness. However, working optimally and delivering effective results bases entirely upon our energy and the will to continue.

In the same concept, smells and the environment around us play an important role in influencing our energy, mood, and stress. Talking about smells, these are something that we can hardly control under all circumstances.

Often, we gag to the verge of puking out but are unable to do something about it because we might have been in an airplane, at a construction site, office, road, bus, train, gym, or perhaps, in the hospital. Smells might make our stomach turns, but it will excite you know that Essence constituted a way to reprimand the culprit smells.

Effect of Odors While Nursing

Nursing is a greatly rewarding task that serves to deliver smiles on the faces of many patients and their caretakers alike. It is a way of caring for the old and affected people with utmost delicacy and kindness. However, working in a hospital is physically exhausting due to the long durations of service coupled with the influx of repulsive odors that make our entire face itch.

Conversely, there might not be many things that you can do to make the odors less annoying or stressful. Of course, lighting candles, using air fresheners, and waving incense may help but at the cost of upsetting the patients and fellow workers alike. 

Aside from that, wearing masks all day with the sweat and breath of your own mouth, you can easily struggle with distress and become uncomfortable. More so, doing tasks like bed baths, caring for people who are unable to wash off uncomfortable smells, and providing bathroom care to patients can also upset your nostrils. Eventually, you can suffer from lack of interest, excitement, and the will to work.

What’s the Solution from Essence?


Essence is proud to say that it has found a way to solve your smell problems. With a variety of essential oils, you can easily spend hours on work and nursing without feeling a hint of the obnoxious smells.

To do that, you have to use Essence’s nasal diffuser ring that comes along with essential oil compartments/pouches and can is usable up to 30 times after a simple water and soap wash. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for allergy relief, calmness, soothing mind, or for a fresh and tasteful aroma in a portable pouch.

Consequently, let the nasal diffuser ring from Essence soak the ‘essence’ of the essential oil. Altogether, you can wear this versatile and portable one-size-fits-all ring anywhere, anytime. 

The End-Game for Obnoxious Smells

Essence serves greatly to those who are in the search for life-changing and mood uplifting essential oil use. Essential oils when in use with Essence’s nasal diffuser rings can not only uplift your mood but the people around you as well due to the positive energy that you exhibit.

So, no matter where you are be it nursing in the hospital, training in the gym, traveling in subway, or waiting in a mall, Essence has got you covered. Simply put the nasal diffuser ring in the essential oil compartment for a few hours and relive the scent and aroma of freshness and liveliness.


So, did you try Essence’s nasal diffuser rings and essential oils? Try them out now by ordering them from our official website. You can contact Essence through the contact us page for bulk orders or any personal inquiries regarding the product themselves. Give us a call at 435-256-2642 to learn more.

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