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Benefits of Lemon

Today we talk about one of the most popular essential oils, Lemon. There are so many benefits of this amazing fruit from potassium to antioxidants. And some of the benefits you may not know of like cleaning toxins out of our bodies. Another use is as a household cleaner that not only cleans well but smells great too. It along with some of its cousins can help lift your mood, can assist in weight loss, can help with alleviating nausea. It also is known to help with oral health and whiting teeth. This amazing oil can also lift gum stains on the ground or help with removing gum from your children’s hair that little Johnny thought was so funny to put there. 😁 Whether you need a pick me up, or a cleaner for your dishwasher, laundry, mouth, or cleaning your counters. This amazing essential oil can do wonders and can assist in a versatile way. This oil added to our HonĂ© Nose Diffusers has helped with testimonials from people suffering from car sickness and even elevation sickness and nausea. If you just love the smell of lemon or need to try it for one of the reasons listed above. We encourage you to try us out because we know it can help in many different places and in many beneficial ways. @honeoils #essentialoils #lemons #aromatherapy #healthylifestyle #nosediffuser #honĂ©nosediffuser #rightonthenose

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