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Benefits of Eucalyptus-

Benefits of Eucalyptus-
With flu season in full swing, Eucalyptus can be one of the best essential oils to use while sick. Did you know that Eucalyptus is found in cough drops, menthols, muscle rubs, diffusers, and numerous other respiratory cures?
This essential oil is best known for it's antibacterial properties and it's ability to help open airways in the respiratory system. With sickness comes sinus congestion, respiratory mucous, bronchitis, inflammation, asthma, as well as many other annoying symptoms. Why not have Eucalyptus diffusing in your home to help fight the common cold and flu?
We offer an amazing solution! Our Nose Diffuser can be taken anywhere you go. Use while commuting, at work, at home resting, and while sleeping to open air ways and help with clearing sinus congestion. We have eucalyptus essential oil available on our home page under create your own scent. Order one today and help fight back against the cold and flu season one sniff at a time. #essentialoils #nosediffuser #aromatherapy #holistichealth #hoilstichealing #travel #eucalyptusessentialoil #Honé @honeoils

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Ida Marie Phillips
Apr 07, 2020 at 08:52

My granddaughter has asthma will a room diffsuer and Eucalyptus oil help her

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