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Benefits of Bergamot

What are the benefits of Bergamot? It seems that many citrus based essential oils have one thing in common and that is lifting your mood. This essential oil is known for combating germs 🦠. It is also known to speed the process of wounds and is known as an antiseptic agent. Bergamot is also known as a tonic that helps with the respiratory, digestive, circulatory and helps with decongestion. So why not smell something good while fighting off the common cold this winter? There are many other uses of this amazing essential oil as we have only named a few. One thing to note about Bergamot is that when allied topically you should avoid direct sunlight for a period of time. We invite you to try Honé and smell your world in a Honé way! You will be glad you did! @honeoils #healthcare #holistichealing #essentialoils #travel #aromatherapy #fitness #nosediffuser #massagetherapy #cycling #nurse

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